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The Connector Group & Agency LLC , formerly known as The Connector Group International LLC is a diversified company, established in Miami Beach, Florida USA in 2009. 

The company was founded based on the fruition of a lifelong love affair, of the founder, Norsham Mohamad Garcia, a former banker in retail banking management for over 17 years in Connecticut and Florida. An Immigrant for 30 years in the USA, born and raised in a small village in Malaysia.

The Connector Group started as an independent Art and Commodities Agency and turned into a full-service Strategic Business Consultant and Development Agency that works collaboratively with private, public companies and government agencies globally.

We specialize in the creation and commercialization of intellectual properties and activation of exclusive events in fashion, art, culture, sports, and entertainment. 

The Connector Group embraces multiple cultures and has an innovative and unique approach in strategic business development and consultant strategy.

At The Connector Group, we’re proud of the work we do. We’ve been making both ours and our clients’ dreams come true. 


The Connector Group & Agency, LLC strives to create business opportunities for emerging markets, entrepreneurs and government agencies. We seek to embark on unique and innovative projects with diverse interests from local and international players who believe in chasing their dreams without compromising on business ethics.

" The ability to relate and to connect, sometimes in odd and yet striking fashion, lies at the very heart of any creative use of the mind, no matter in what field or discipline." - George J. Seidel. 

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At The Connector Group & Academy, we make yours & ours dreams come to life.

Since opening our doors to the Modest Fashion & Lifestyle Industry, we’ve been helping rising stars with our wide range of resources and Entertainment Agency services. With years of professional experience under our belt, we’ll help many push their career forward. BEYOND BORDERS. BEYOND CONNECTING.

Explore & Experience What we can offer you. LETS GET CONNECTED 

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Sponsors \ Partners

Tourism Malaysia

Tourism Malaysia


GePetrol National Oil & Gas of Equatorial Guinea


Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation 

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Malaysia National Art Gallery






Russia Modest Fashion Week


Indonesia Modest Fashion Week


Islamic Fashion & Design Council


Miami International Airport


Greater Miami Convention and Visitor Bureau


Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce 


Miami Dade Beacon Council


Miami Down Town Development Authority


Miami Fashion Institute Miami Dade College

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St Thomas University - Fashion Merchandising

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